Horizon Athletic Director

We at Horizon Christian School are convinced that athletics is more than just "fun and games". God uses everything in our lives for His purpose, including athletics, and we are commanded to "do everything as unto the Lord" (Colossians 3:23). Our Athletic Guide gives you some guidelines on how to accomplish this in your athletics. Best wishes for an athletic career centered in Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

Oscar Stenberg III
Athletic Director

Athletic Director Job Description
The Athletic Director at Horizon Christian School has two broad but overlapping areas of general responsibility. These areas include the following: Demonstration of leadership in the areas of supervision, delegation, management, communication and implementation.

Organizing and monitoring the athletic fundraising activities. Monitoring the athletic eligibility process.

  • Scheduling and monitoring Awards programs, practice and game facilities.
  • Representing Horizon Christian at league and state athletic director meetings.
  • Monitoring the storage and inventory of equipment and supplies.
  • Helping coaches with purchase of uniforms and equipment.
  • Working closely with athletes, coaches, parents and fans to insure adequate progress toward program goals and strategies.

The specific responsibilities of the Athletic Director include the items under each of the following four

1. Organizational

  • Work with coaches to identify goals and strategies for each sport.
  • Schedule athletic events.
  • Use the master calendar to record all athletic-related events.
  • Administer athletic eligibility program.
  • Work with faculty and staff to enhance the organizational and communication process.
  • Help identify, evaluate and hire coaches.
  • Help arrange for practice and game facilities.
  • Work closely with support groups.

2. Motivational

  • Provide encouragement for athletes, coaches, parents, fans and other support groups.
  • Work with coaches and parents to plan activities that recognize commendable athletic accomplishments.

3. Promotional

  • Project a philosophical perspective that reflects the positive aspects of our athletic programs.
  • Establish and promote positive relations with the media and league participants, fans, and alumni.

4. Spiritual

  • Demonstrate leadership that helps participants and spectators recogni ze the value we place on honoring the Lord with our gifts and talents.
  • Pray consistently and fervently for God’s wisdom, understanding, boldness, and the joy of the “victorious life in Christ.”